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Geographically we are based around Frekhaug/Knarvik and Leknes area, but we dream of house churches for all of Nordhordland! Let us know if you need a fellowship where you live.

Storsamlingar happen every other Sunday (even-numbered weeks). Check out Huskirken Nordhordland on Facebook. You are more than welcome to visit us to see if this is for you.

Small group fellowship: During the week in the evening. or by phone 90 11 83 22


Vision and Motto

Joined in service for God, people, and society.

We desire to be a congregation which displays God’s love by serving, both as individuals and as a fellowship.


Board and Leaders

We have a joint board with practical and administrative responsibility for the work in the congregation. We also have a joint ‘spiritual leadership’ which focuses on the spiritual life in the congregation. In every fellowship there are 1-2 leaders.


Foundations of Faith

We are an evangelical church. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word, and that the best thing for people is to live in close fellowship with God the Father who loves them. This includes knowing Jesus as Saviour, and The Holy Ghost as a helper in life.



We stand together with other congregations. Kristkirken in Bergen and congregations on the West coast are in our primary network.

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